VA’s opiate overload feeds veterans’ addictions, overdose deaths
Date: April 11, 2016
Topic: All Veterans Issues

Last year, researchers at the San Francisco VA Medical Center published a paper in the Journal of the American Medical Association that found VA doctors prescribed significantly more opiates to patients with PTSD and depression than to other veterans – even though people suffering from those conditions are most at risk of overdose and suicide.

After Colorado legalized Marijuana OPIATE use fell over 24%. Cannabis would be called a miracle drug if some pharmaceutical company had developed it. Cannabis is a weed that reduces opiate use. Also a hell of a lot safer than the VA pharmaceuticals.

Click on the link below to see this heartbraking story of our veterans not getting the help they need. Just more expendable veterans.

Danny "Greasy" Belcher
Task Force Omega of KY Inc, Executive Director
D Troop,7th Sqdn,1St Air Cav.
Infantry Sgt. 68-69

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