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Response to Hussein's Denial
Posted on December 15, 2003

Scott Speicher This is from Steve Kiba. He was a Korean War POW and was held in CHINA. Read his book "The Flag, Kidnapped by Red China" to find out the cost of freedom.

Danny "Greasy" Belcher
Infantry Sgt. Vietnam 68-69
"D" Troop 7th Sqdn 1st Air Cav.

15 December, 2003


Like all politicians, Hussein lies. The communists maintain that if you tell a lie long enough the masses will eventually believe that is the truth. Comrade Clinton learned that when he dodged the draft and went to Moscow to protest the war in Vietnam. In the couple of weeks he was the guest of the communists, he learned and decided that he could do it better than they could. The only good commie is a dead one, and the only good enemy is a dead one. We are at war with the rest of the world: communists, islamic extremists, and others who want to see our beloved nation destroyed.

As for Speicher, Hussein damn well knows where he is and what happened to him, just as the redchinks in Red China, the redruskies in Russia, and the redgooks in Red Vietnam damn well know what happened to our still missing fellow American countrymen and where they are now. Our friggin' parasites (politicians and government officials) in D. C. would rather take the lies of the enemy over what their own servicemen say. They don't want to upset our enemies; they'd rather write off our still missing so that they can do business with the enemy. They don't give a damn about our MIAs/POWs and their loved ones.

We the people, and especially we veterans, must continue to tell everyone (politicians, Christians, business people, teachers and students--everyone) about the betrayal, abandonment, and shameless attempt to write off and forget our missing countrymen.

Greasy, God bless and keep up the good work on behalf of our MIAs/POWs and their beleagured loved ones.


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