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POW/MIA Family DNA Database
Posted on December 02, 2010

POW/MIAs Danny "Greasy" Belcher, Executive Director
Task Force Omega of KY Inc.
Vietnam Infantry Sgt. 68-69
"D" Troop 7th Sqdn. 1st Air Cav.

The cost for this DNA service is around $150.00 so as you can see no one is making money off this. I have been to Oklahoma and met Mary Long. She is an amazing lady. She was in the lab at the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI). She left OSBI and went to law school. She is now a practicing attorney in Oklahoma. I was with her when a family member of a Vietnam POW/MIA had their DNA sample put in the DNA database. Several POW/MIA family members are now in the data base. I only know this as they told me so.

Call Mary Long at 405-802-1509 if you have any questions about DNA or the DNA database.

This DNA database is important in that the person who submits a DNA sample controls it. They may designate someone else in case they die at a later date.

If someone says they have located a live POW, remains, or the offspring of an American POW, their DNA can be compared with the family member's DNA on file. The family member is the one making this decision.

Some family members do not want to send a DNA sample to any government agency. They do not trust the government. They do not want to hear that a loved one has been identified by DNA and they cannot be sure they are being told the truth. In the past we have seen small fragments and dirt returned as someone remains.

If any government agency says they have remains that are verified as someone by DNA. They family member can ask for the DNA profile so that can have it compared to theirs on file. If it matches that can have the piece of mind to know that the remains are their loved one.



Currahee Professional Group, LLC (CPG) offers a private and independent alternative for DNA testing of biological materials. CPG can assist with the collection of reference samples from biological relatives, facilitate the analysis and comparison of DNA between potential family members, and provide consultation and information to families regarding the identification process.


CPG is comprised of professionals that are sensitive to the feelings and concerns of families whose loved ones have not been accounted for. We have streamlined and simplified the DNA collection and analysis processes in order to minimize frustration and confusion while providing the client the ability to control much of the process. We give our clients a private and independent method to identify loved ones or to corroborate identifications performed by other entities whether private or governmental. We are also cognizant of the economic aspects involved in such testing and strive to keep the costs down as much as possible.


Professionals at CPG are available to consult with individuals or families to help them understand the DNA analysis process and to suggest alternative DNA analysis methods to maximize information that can be obtained in individual matters. Further, we can assist families in obtaining the most appropriate testing for their particular situations.

P.O. BOX 1022
HARRAH, OK 73045

Mary M. Long

Collection of DNA

The DNA sample is obtained from inside the mouth of the donor by swabbing the soft part of the inside of the cheek.

Items needed to collect the DNA:
One envelope per person sampled
At least two sterile cotton or polyester swabs (4 is best if possible)
Pen or pencil for labeling the envelope
Tape to seal the flap of the envelope if available

1. The person giving the DNA should not eat or drink anything for about 30 minutes before this procedure. Immediately before the procedure, the person should rinse the mouth with a small amount of water if available.

2. Write the date and name of the person giving the DNA on the outside of the envelope.

3. For each swab used, open the packet and remove the swab without touching the cotton tip.

4. Swab the inside of the soft part of the cheek. Press and roll the swab against the whole inside of the cheek making sure to make good contact.

5. Without touching it or allowing it to touch any other surface, place the swab on the outside of the empty swab packet for a few minutes to air dry if possible. If not possible, place the swab in the envelope.

6 If collecting from more than one person, do not stack on other envelopes with wet swabs inside them until all are dry. (Wet or damp swabs can contaminate each other if the envelopes come into contact with each other. That can result in mixed and uninterpretable DNA profiles.)

7. IMPORTANT--Do not place wet swabs or envelopes with wet swabs in plastic. Once COMPLETELY DRY, then the envelopes can be put in plastic. (If wet or damp swabs are put in plastic, they will grow mold and be ruined for testing purposes.)

8. Repeat for any additional swabs provided.

9. Place the swabs in the envelope and seal by placing tape over the flap unless the donor is sealing the envelope by licking and sticking it down. TO PREVENT CONTAMINATION, ALLOW ONLY THE DONOR TO LICK THE SEAL.

A Member Managed Limited Liability Company
405-802-1509 Consent Agreement Concerning DNA Sample Collection

This Agreement, dated as of ______________, is between the following parties:

Currahee Professional Group, LLC, P.O. Box 1022, Harrah, OK, 73045, hereinafter referred to as the CPG, a limited liability company formed and existing under the laws of the State of Oklahoma,


Name __________________________
Address ___________________________
___________________________ Telephone ___________________________

I hereby consent to the collection of my DNA upon a series of four (4) buccal (cheek) swabs according to the following terms:

1. The CPG or a trained and authorized agent of the CPG shall perform the collection using sterile swabs in an approved manner.

2. Once collected, the CPG shall (check one):

[ ] Retain the collected DNA swabs until they are needed for comparison.

[ ] Forward part of my DNA to a private laboratory for DNA profiling by Short Tandem Repeat (STR) analysis AND retain the rest of the unused swab material until the time it may be required for further testing.

3. I understand that if a comparison of my DNA is made to the DNA of a living person, this methodology is the same type currently used for legal paternity tests and has the best probability of establishing kinship.

4. If I choose to have my DNA analyzed at this time, the STR DNA profile will be (check all that apply):

[ ] Reported to CPG only and retained until needed for comparison

[ ] Reported to me only

[ ] Reported to me and the CPG to be retained until needed for comparison

5. If I desire to have one created, the CPG shall notify the testing laboratory that a personal DNA profile certificate shall be created and forwarded to me to keep. I understand that this is optional and is not the same thing as the STR DNA profile report.

6. I understand that during the DNA analysis process, there will be “by-products” produced in the laboratory such as extracted DNA, pieces of swab material, and other analysis products.

7. Once analyzed, the remaining DNA extracts, analysis products of any kind, and sample materials, if any, shall be:

[ ] Returned to CPG only, retained available for further analysis if needed

[ ] Returned to the CPG and destroyed (documentation shall be provided)

[ ] Returned to me

8. I understand that if a comparison of my DNA is made to the DNA recovered from a biological sample such as tissue, bone, or hair, a different type of technology such as Y-STR typing or mitochondrial DNA sequencing may be required in order to establish kinship. The amount of DNA initially collected on the four buccal swabs should provide a sufficient amount of my DNA for any testing required in addition to the initial STR typing.

9. I understand that the CPG has a confidentiality obligation to me and will not disclose my DNA profile or provide any DNA samples or analysis products to anyone without my permission unless ordered by court of law. Additionally, the laboratory employed for testing shall also have a confidentiality obligation to both the CPG and me.

10. I understand that the CPG shall only employ DNA testing laboratories accredited either by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) or the American Society of Crime Lab Directors (ASCLD).

11. I understand that I am responsible for payment for testing at the time my DNA sample is forwarded to the testing laboratory. The CPG shall provide me with the cost information for testing prior to sending any of my DNA to the testing laboratory.

12. I understand that I am also responsible for payment of a $50.00 sampling, handling, and consultation fee. It is not the purpose or desire of the CPG to profit from the families of the missing; however, the CPG does desire reimbursement for its costs.

13. In the event I am no longer able to make my own decisions concerning my DNA sample, I designate ________________________________ as the person responsible for making all decisions concerning my DNA. The CPG shall consider itself obligated to this person in every way it is obligated to me concerning my DNA sample, the analysis of the sample, and comparison of my DNA profile to the DNA of any other individual.

In witness of their acceptance of the above terms and conditions, the parties, by themselves or by their duly authorized representatives, have signed and dated this Consent Agreement Concerning DNA Sample Collection as follows:

_________________________________________________________________ Currahee Professional Group, LLC Date
In his/her capacity as Member and Representative

_________________________________________________________________ Client Date

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